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To address such use case as 5GCore Distributed UPF, CDN or Open RAN, Sylva will provide an architecture able to manage from Central to far edge site

Adoption Benefits

Current State

Future State


  • A siloed approach that leads to higher costs
  • High TTM for new services
  • Different reference architectures among Telcos that delay the innovation
  • Common cloud layer and reference architecture for CaaS among Telcos that will reduce costs
  • Create a cloud continuum and guarantee compatibility among operators in the MEC Federation initiative (Operator Platform)
  • Create a SYLVA reference NF validation process that decreases the TTM of new services, market prospect of NF, and the certification cost/time of NF.

Network Function Providers

  • Heterogeneous cloud layer that increases the complexity of delivering the network functions SW releases to different Telecom Operators
  • Homogenous cloud layer that enables the build once deploy many, in different Telecom Operators
  • Reduce cost and time in certification in Operators’ infra by leveraging the validation process on SYLVA as a reference
  • Provide an environment to test the Telco-grade capabilities required by the NF


  • High-risk projects due to difficult integration and support
  • Lack of compliancy with regulation& high security standards
  • Systems interoperability and compliance with regulation & high-security standards
  • New business opportunity to:
    • Create a distribution out of SYLVA;
    • Provide support for deployments of SYLVA in Operators
    • Provide a validation service to NFs


  • Lack of Telco-grade capabilities visibility
  • Custom development
  • Obtain information on the Telco-grade capabilities expected by Operators from a CaaS and on NFs that must be certified in their own CaaS solution
  • Reduce cost in testing by incorporating capabilities integrated as OpenSource in SYLVA
  • Showing the HW can enable the capabilities required for a horizontal platform
  • Standardize developments using SYLVA