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Aware of the need for a Telco friendly platform, the main carriers in Europe, together with network function providers, joined under an MoU, to initiate the Sylva project addressing Telco and Edge use cases.

The Open Source releases resulting from this project will incorporate the capabilities that are required for a CaaS to address specific use cases identified by European Telcos (such as 5G, O-RAN and Edge) and will be the basis for a common infrastructure among European operators allowing the federation and integration of edge applications. Having a common framework for Operators, NF vendors will be able demonstrate, at once, that their functionality can work on such general-purpose infrastructure with the assurance that it can be deployed on any compliant platform (saving time and costs to both vendors and operators). Additionally, a common reference framework will foster digital innovation across Europe for the digital ecosystem.

Sylva Objectives

To release a cloud software framework tailored for telco and edge requirements that address the technical challenges of the industry layer of this ecosystem

To develop a reference implementation of the cloud software framework and create a validation program for such implementations

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