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Sylva and The Linux Foundation Europe launched the Sylva Fund to provide a vendor-neutral home for open source projects in Europe to create a new, open source production-grade Telco Cloud Stack.

Sponsorship Tiers

Premier Sponsor

€ 50,000 (EUR)

General Sponsor

5,000 employees and above

Between 2,000 and 4,999 employees

Between 500 and 1,999 employees

Up to 499 employees

€ 20,000 (EUR)

€ 10,000 (EUR)

€ 5,000 (EUR)

€ 2,000 (EUR)

Associate Sponsor

€ 0 (EUR)

Participation in the Sylva Fund as a corporate member requires companies to be a sponsors of The Linux Foundation Europe. Please visit the Sponsorship page at the LFEU website for full details.